T-cells are now being used to beat cancer.

Modified t-cells are now being used to treat patients with cancers via a process called CAR T-cell therapy. Using CAR-T therapy, oncologists are “saving patients who three or four years ago we were at our wit’s end trying to keep alive” (Washington Post). This ground-breaking process has lead to remission for thousands of cancer patients, many of whom were only given a matter of weeks or months left to live.


There is a risk of being “too late” and running out of t-cells.

Unfortunately, some patients lose their fight with cancer because they don’t have enough viable t-cells to collect and use in a cellular therapy treatment. Many of these patients have lost their t-cells due to chemotherapy (for more information on how this is affecting pediatric cancers, please check out this paper). At Cell Vault, we want to ensure people bank their t-cells before they’re treated with a toxic therapy that may wipe out their t-cell populations.


Your cells are at their strongest right now.

At Cell Vault, we offer you a chance to bank your cells – specifically your peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) – at their strongest. Your PBMCs include not only your t-cells, which makes up a majority of your collection, but also includes NK cells, B cells, and stem cells. And with each passing year, your body sees a decrease in the number and viability of these cells. Thus, it behooves you to bank your cells at the earliest possible moment. Doing so may just save your life in a future battle with cancer. 

Collection takes 5 minutes. Literally.

Cell Vault makes it super easy to store your cells. After ordering your kit, we schedule an in-home or in-office blood draw. Our mobile phlebotomy teammate comes to you to conduct a quick 5-minute blood draw in the comfort of your home or workplace. Once completed, the phlebotomist will FedEx overnight your collected sample to our lab, where it is processed and stored indefinitely – until you request your sample for a treatment or decide to cancel your subscription.

Cell Vault has partnered with the best of the best.

Cell Vault has partnered with some of the nation’s most innovative CAR-T doctors, the country’s largest mobile phlebotomy company, and the USA’s leading FDA-registered and CLAA certified lab. Learn more about each of our partners on Cell Vault’s About Us page.