What if a quick blood draw
could save your life?
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1 in 3 people are expected to get cancer in their lifetime.

Cell Vault has launched the world’s first t-cell bank to give individuals an opportunity to jumpstart their fight against cancer. Just as women freeze their fertile eggs, Cell Vault allows you to preserve your disease-fighting t-cells in case they can be used in a future medical treatment.

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Why t-cells and why now?

In 2017, the FDA approved CAR-T therapy – a ground-breaking procedure that uses a patient’s own t-cells to beat blood cancers. Since its approval, thousands of cancer patients have entered remission and billions of dollars are now funding 2,000+ t-cell related clinical trials. With so many potential t-cell breakthroughs on the horizon, it makes sense, now more than ever, to preserve your most viable cells, today. And because your immune system weakens as you age, your t-cells will never be as strong, viable, and plentiful as they are right now. 

It all starts with ordering a kit and scheduling a quick blood draw. Once banked, your cells will be safely secured and ready to fight your personalized battle with a future disease. So bank your strongest cells today, to give yourself a fighting chance against the cancers of tomorrow.

About T-Cells

Our Process

Order your kit and select your plan

Schedule and complete a 5-minute blood draw in the comfort of your home

Your blood is FedEx overnighted to our partner lab

Our lab processes and cryo-preserves your final collection

We send you an email when your cells are cryo-preserved

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Available Plans

$36 / month

Includes FREE collection kit

$400 / year

Includes FREE collection kit

Best Price!
10 Years
$200 / year*

Includes FREE collection kit

$2,000 total prepaid
54% total monthly savings
* Denotes average annual cost, not reoccurring payment.